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What we do

Our business model

We target the high-value segment of equipment needed to produce all kinds of printed products e.g. packaging, brochures, books etc. We buy pre-owned equipment from our clients in Germany and abroad. The bought equipment undergoes a range of checks and preparation works to be re-sold to factories all around the world.

Our business offers exciting challenges in sourcing, supply chain management, fulfillment and knowledge management. An internal IT team supports all other business units in continuous improvement and redesign. Our current setup offers ambitious new-joiners an infrastructure to innovate, develop and scale the business to become the global market leader in the used graphic machinery business.

Scaling in traditional industries

How AGM is disrupting the used machinery business

For decades the trading of used machinery was considered a traditional brick-and-mortar business with little space for innovation and scalable growth. We launched this business 7 years ago starting with little cash in a small basement room - with no machines, no warehouse, no clients but with the big vision in mind to become the global #1 in this business. In the past 3 years AGM grew with 50% each year reaching 8-digits sales figures in 2018. Yet, our ambitions reach far further and we are looking to power-up our team with exceptional talents and take it to the next level.


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